I’m John Halas, memoir ghostwriter for hire. As a memoir ghostwriter, I am an uncredited writer of my clients’ memoirs. Are you looking back on your life? Do you want an audience beyond your friends & family? Do you think your experiences can help other people? Then what you want is a memoir.

At Memoir Ghostwriter, I have been writing and helping people publish their memoirs for years. Once your memoir has been written and edited, we can submit it to a vast range of publication networks, and in both printed and eBook formats. For instance, Amazon.com sells both printed memoirs and memoirs that users can download to their Kindle eBook reader or read online. If you want to publish, I can help you through the ins and outs of memoir publication. But first I need to write your memoirs.

How It Works
Essentially, you tell me the main points of the story. Since the writing process can involve checking, double-checking, and reorganizing, this content may change. Perhaps you stumble across an old photo album with a valuable story behind it. Whatever your particular circumstances, I am able to adapt and integrate whatever content you feel needs telling in whatever order you prefer. At the same time, I am more than happy to share my recommendations and feedback.

The best part? If you don’t want to, you don’t have to pick up a pen or pencil or type anything. I can do all the writing for you. If you want to use other forms of communication in addition or instead of phone interviews, any or all of the following are available.

We can talk to you across a wide variety of communication. A document containing my progress is always at your fingertips, ready and willing to enjoy whatever additions you feel are necessary. It’s private, so you can be assured none of your story will leak out on the Internet. You provide me with a few details and I begin constructing the outline and asking follow-up questions and ultimately writing the story. We can communicate in many ways.

Telephone Interviews
Telephone is an effective way to have an informal interview and discuss your memoir writing project. I have what is called an unlimited, world-wide Skype phone account. What does this means? It means I can be reached from anywhere in the world that has a land line.

Text Message
Text message is ideal for quick comments or questions. I have my cell phone on me at all times.

Through email we can send and receive outlines, pictures, audio recordings, and anything else pertaining to the project.

Audio Recorder
Some my clients prefer to record their thoughts and notes while doing other activities, such as hiking or driving, before putting the story onto paper. If you want to go this route, I am more than happy to teach you how to record and proscribe your life story.

Instant Messenger. I am online regularly, so if you feel like chatting without going to my website, just let me know your Instant Messenger ID and I will add you to my contact list.

As a memoir ghostwriter, I can provide the multiple options to suit your needs. Please contact me. Your story needs to be told, and I can tell it right. Thank you for your time. I look forward to working with you!

Prices and Installments
Choosing a suitable memoir ghostwriter can be a daunting task. Even with great references and credentials, there may be some worry about how smoothly the process will go. This worry tends to be exacerbated when memoir ghostwriters insist on receiving full payment or a large percentage of payment in advance.

After learning a bit about your story and answering any questions or concerns you might have, I’ll begin by planning your memoir. With your permission, I’d record our phone interviews. With that information I’ll be able to create an outline and email it to you for your approval. Once you’ve approved it, I’ll write a 1 to 2 page summary. After you’ve given me the OK on the short summary, I’ll write a more detailed, chapter-by-chapter summary. When that’s all done, I can begin writing the first chapter. The planning phase is just $1500, which is payable in two, $750 weekly installments.

For memoir writing, I offer installments and charge a flat fee of $29.95 per page / 250 words, which is payable in 5000 word / 20-page increment. If you have a draft, I can add to it. You will not be charged based on what you have and only on what you need me to add. There may be a small additional fee if the amount added is far less than what has already been written, but my fees are extremely reasonable — particularly when you consider all the success my previous client’s have had.

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Then, let’s schedule a time to discuss your project further.

Below is the phone scheduler. Just choose a day and time that works best for you. Feel free to call at any time, but scheduling will ensure I’m available. I look forward to speaking with you: